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Original Celtic Designs

This is a collection of original Celtic art. Some use traditional Celtic knotwork and zoomorphic techniques while others use more original techniques. Some components are modelled on patterns found in traditional Celtic designs.  However, each illustration is an original artwork designed  and published by Keith Hardy.

Using Celtic Art in Mandalas

Mandalas – repetitive circular designs that wrap around a central focal point are very popular. They are common in South Asia and several other regions around the world. You may also find mandala type structures in Celtic art. This collection includes some Celtic mandalas. Because of the amount of detail in the mandalas, segment views have been included to highlight the detail.

You may have read about the therapeutic benefits of designing, colouring or simply studying mandalas. I have produced many of Mandalas other than my Celtic designs. I combine influences from traditional art of many cultures with some contemporary designs. If you would like to see my other mandala designs, visit mandaladesigns.co.uk

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