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Manuscript Illumination

The intricate hand painted illumination in ancient manuscripts such as the Book of Kells provide a rich source of ideas for modern Celtic designers. When I create new Celtic designs, I sometimes try to include some of the traditional zoomorphic ideas found in these manuscripts.

Celtic Manuscript Collection

In this collection, I have reproduced design elements from ancient manuscripts. Although they’re very similar to the originals, I didn’t try to clinically reproduce them to appear as they were when they were first created. What I did was:

  • Isolated them from the rest of the design
  • Modified some of the detail to make them easier to view
  • Added extra detail where the original had faded or had been damaged

While keeping the colour scheme similar to the original,  I used  more vibrant colours. This compensates for the fading of the original colours and improves the overall colour balance.

I carried out this experiment to see if  it helps people to appreciate how manuscript illuminations may have looked when they were originally created.  Viewing individual elements in isolation from the rest of the page.

Let me know if you think that I should do more of this.

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Illustrated Celtic Designs

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