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Celtic Knotwork Patterns

This collection contains a combination of traditional Celtic knotwork patterns and my own designs. It shows the many ways that the use of simple Celtic knotwork design techniques can create striking decorative patterns. I’ve rendered the patterns in a range of finishes.  For some of the patterns, digital rendering helps me to reproduce the original feel of traditional Celtic artwork. It also enables me to demonstrate how simple knotwork patterns can be given depth and vibrancy. This is especially relevant for use in modern design applications.

The Use of Celtic Knotwork

Ancient Celts considered Knotwork as a symbol of continuity and included it in most of their designs. The fascinating interweaving of threads, plants, animals and humans have adorned elaborate designs through the ages. Consequently, you can find them everywhere from patterns on tools and weapons to illuminated lettering in christian manuscripts. They have been uses as embellishments and space fillers as well as individual designs. The patterns are, in the main, endless interwoven loops with a strict under and over weave rule that shouldn’t be broken. A true Celtic knot comprises just a single thread. However, many intricate designs will use several threads, especially where they represent plants or animals.

Celtic Knotwork Pattern Collection

In this collection, I’ve tried to use knotwork consisting of just one or two threads, but I don’t restrict all designs to this rule if I see an opportunity to enhance a design by adding an extra thread or two.

Over time, I will continue to add Celtic knotwork patterns as I design them or discover them in images of ancient manuscripts, archaeological finds, etc.  The aim is to create a comprehensive library of Celtic knotwork patterns that I can include in my more elaborate Celtic designs. Maybe,  other illustrators and craftspeople can also draw ideas from the collection.

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Illustrated Celtic Designs

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