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Celtic Border Designs

This is a collection of mainly traditional Pictish and Celtic border designs.

I have rendered some of the traditional patterns to appear similar to how they may have looked when they were first created. Others have a more contemporary finish. I have applied my own ideas in many of the border designs. Although I would like to claim that they are completely original, there’s a good chance that some are not. Similar Celtic border designs may have adorned manuscripts, masonry or pottery centuries ago.

To keep the page simple, Celtic border samples here are simply short strips. They would normally wrap around to form a continuous border with adaptations at the corners. I may get around to putting a collection together of complete borders in the future.

Knotwork Borders

Most Celtic border designs consist of repetitive knotwork patterns. they continue seamlessly across or around a page or decorative panel. They are usually combined with other knotwork patterns but can be very striking on their own.

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Illustrated Celtic Designs

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