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 A Collection of Illustrated Celtic Designs 

Panel from the cross at Lindisfarne Abbey
Panel from the cross at Lindisfarne Abbey

This site explores Celtic design using modern illustration techniques. You can find traditional Celtic designs on decorative stone masonry (see image on left), archaeological artefacts and ancient illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Traditional Celtic designs inspire a lot of my work,  but I've also created many original concepts and techniques.

Alongside original designs with traditional influences,  I have included some reproductions of traditional Celtic patterns (example below).

Celtic border design from the Book of Kells

Creating Celtic Designs

Many aspects of Celtic design attract illustrators and artisans. I particularly enjoy designing artwork using knotwork and zoomorphics.  The creation of knotwork patterns can be very therapeutic. The use of modern media to produce new designs based on ancient techniques is another challenge that I enjoy.

Having long since moved on from pencil and ink designs, I use computer based drawing package such as Adobe illustrator. This makes life so much easier. I can create complex designs in hours rather than days. I use my own unique drawing techniques, which I continue to refine.  I've been asked to put some tutorials on YouTube but I have yet to get around to making them.

Celtic Design Galleries

The site contains several galleries where I combine my own design ideas and techniques with traditional Celtic design. The Celtic Border Designs and Celtic Knotwork Patterns galleries include both traditional Celtic patterns and original designs. On a larger scale, I have put together a set of full  Original Celtic Designs.

Celtic Art Rendering

Having used a drawing package to create my designs, I've finished them by rendering them as colour images using Photoshop. To illustrate the effects digital rendering can have on an illustration, I've  added a collection of images in Celtic Art Rendering. Using the  same basic design,  I rendered each one with a different effect.  This shows how simple patterns can be turned into stunning images.

Celtic Design Colouring

I'm aware that many people like to produce their own unique works by colouring in outline designs. So I have produced a downloadable book of outline designs. It includes almost all of the Celtic designs and components on this website plus many more. It will shortly be available to download . In the meantime, please contact me if you would like advanced samples.

You may also be interested in colouring in my Mandala Designs.

Keith Hardy 

Illustrated Celtic Designs

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